Neulite Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plants can range from few Watts to several Megawatts. We provide customized solutions for Domestic and Commercial projects. Our services also include:

  • Solar Power Plant installation for domestic and corporate use.
  • Solar Power Plant installation for utility scale projects.
  • Consultancy on Rooftop or Land Based Solar Power Plants.
  • AMC of Solar Power Plant.

Types of Solar Power Plant Installation

Domestic Installation - Rooftop Solar Power Plant

This is a Solar Power Plant installed over roofs of buildings, where we get optimum sunlight. Direction of PV Panel is generally kept towards south so as to get maximum radiation and harnessing most of sun energy during day time. Rooftop is the most successful model of solar plant installation as it has several benefits as:

  • Utilizing unused rooftop space whether horizontal or slant.
  • Receiving better radiation as we go up.
  • Saving lot of ground space.
  • Keeping floor under it cool during the summers.
  • No clearance is required for installation of plant.
  • Ease of installation
Rooftop Solar Power Plants can be installed on –
  • Residential Buildings,
  • Residential Societies,
  • Banks,
  • Petrol Pumps,
  • Signal Towers,
  • Schools/ Colleges,
  • Rural Areas,
  • Malls.

neulite rooftop solar power plant

Benefits of Solar Power Plants

  • Meet your power needs, as you will be generating your own electricity!
  • Become free from power cuts. This is the best power backup solution.
  • Reduce electricity bill drastically. Sun is a renewable energy source and forever free!
  • Avail financial benefits by
    • Supplying energy to grid through Net Metering. (apprx ₹ 9.56/Unit)
    • Leasing out your roof for setting up plant and avail rental income
    • Signing up a PPA with companies to supply power to them at fixed rate and earn revenue
  • It's a greener, cleaner and the most econimical power solution.

Commercial Installation - Land Based Solar Power Plant

As the name suggests Land Based plant is installed over large open lands where we get clear sunlight and minimal shading by nearby buildings. Direction of PV Panel is generally kept towards South so as to get maximum radiation and harnessing most of sun energy during day time.
Neulite offers pre-engineered commercial solar power solutions for easy installation and scalability. Our solar power plants are optimized for effortless integration onto the electric utility grid, and is designed with all components matched for high-performance in large-scale applications and can be easily adapted to support the size and scope of your project.
This model of solar plant installation is generally used for revenue generation as:

  • Energy generated can be sold to nearby SEB/DISCOM
  • PPA can be signed with nearby industrial consumers for selling units to them at lower cost than SEB
  • Lease land to the investor with proper legal arrangements
  • Install plant on leased land with proper legal arrangements

neulite commercial solar power plant

Benefits of Land Based Solar Power Plant are

  • Barren lands can be utilized in producing clean energy
  • It is source of huge revenue generation
  • Tax benefits on profit can be availed
  • Unutilized lands can be converted to financially profitable venture

Utility Scale Projects - Megawatt Solar Power Plant

neulite commercial solar power plant

Developing utility-scale solar power is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon footprint in the energy sector. The factors which distinguish utility-scale solar from distributed generation is project size and the fact that the electricity is sold to wholesale utility buyers, not end-use consumers. Utility-scale solar plants provide the benefit of fixed-priced electricity during peak demand periods.
Neulite implements Utility scale projects based on EPC workflow(Engineering, Procurement and Construction) In EPC projects Neulite, sets up the solar power plant for the Investor. The entire funding for the power plant is from the Investor/Client.
Together with our internationally proven partner companies, we offer a comprehensive approach to the design and maintenance of utility solar power plants from a single source.

Workflow Overview: Planning

  • Assessment of ground conditions
  • Legal, economic and technical feasibility study
  • Authorization
  • Preliminary design / system design
  • Detailed design / detailed engineering
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Tendering and bid comparisons
  • Contract creation
  • Preparation of the surface
  • Create assembly instructions
  • Construction management
  • Project Management
  • Timely coordination of construction
  • Logistics
  • Interface monitoring Commissioning and performance testing
  • Documentation