State of the art Infrastructure

Our expertise in Prototype/ Bulk manufacturing of electronic products is spearheaded by an innovative team - designing and developing all components required to complete electronic-products manufacturing cycle.
A team of committed, motivated and qualified personnel deliver the highest quality products to a wide variety of industries in the electronics and green energy segment.

Neulite is a comprehensive one point source for PCB designing, Material sourcing, Manufacturing and Testing. Located in Mysore's industrial area our facility is well known for it's infra and workforce. An efficient workflow is maintained across the facility by creating specialized zones as:

  • DTA Unit: Domestic Tariff Area (6250 sqft)
  • EHTP Unit: Electronic Hardware Tech Park (3175 sqft)

Neulite's Mode Of Working

neulite ems india

Our design team is recognized for delivering quality solutions consistently. Each project is assigned to specific teams consisting of experienced and innovative engineers.
Customer requirements are thoroughly understood by our teams, ensuring the perfect design and hassle-free manufacturing process. Our engineers are well-versed in rapid prototyping techniques, which enables us to deliver quick design-solutions.

neulite ems india

The manufacturing process is entrusted to our team of highly-skilled workforce and state-of-the-art machinery. High-quality results are achieved by operation standards strictly, adhering to IPC 620C standards.

Quality control is achieved in our Test-Lab. Every product manufactured is tested for performance and adherence to industry-standards.
Our commitment doesn't stop at product delivery. Our customer-care team of service managers and technicians attend to any technical issues within 48 hrs.

The Promoter

jagadeesh kumar neulite

A graduate in Engineering and Masters in Business administration, Jagadeesh Kumar an academician with entrepreneurial mind tread the path of enterprise twenty years. Through his experience and continuous improvement techniques has brought his company to a position of reckoning in the industry.
Jagadeesh Kumar has dreams of taking his organization to further heights especially in the global scenario.He would like to orient his new venture in achieving best of the market shares in green energy sector. He is confident that the present trend in Electronic Contract Manufacturing and his expertise in the field will stand by him in his endeavor.

Our Esteemed Clientele