Solar Power Plant Equipments

Neulite also provides discrete components required for Solar Power Plants such as:

  • Solar Panels
  • Cables and Cable Jointers
  • Inverter
  • Battery
  • Solar Module Mounting System
  • Remote Performance Monitoring Systems

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Solar Panels is the core component of a Solar Power Plant. These panels (also called modules) contain a set of electrically connected Photovoltaic Cells (PV cells). The PV cells use light energy (photons) from the sun, to generate electricity. PV cells are made of layers of semi-conducting material, usually silicon. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers. The stronger the sunshine, the more electricity is produced.
A single solar panel can produce only a limited amount of power; most installations contain multiple panels. A Solar Power Plant contains an array of solar panels, an inverter, optional battery and interconnection wiring.

Neulite Off Grid Solar Power Plants Specifications
Model Name Sunlit 801VA12V1P Sunlit 102VA24V1P Sunlit 202VA48V1P Sunlit 302VA72V1P Sunlit 502VA120V1P Sunlit 702VA168V1P Sunlit 103VA240V1P
Inverter Capacity 800VA 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA 5KVA 7KVA 10KVA
System Voltage 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC 72VDC 120VDC 168VDC 240VDC
Solar Panels 200Wp x 4 panels 250Wp x 4 panels 250Wp x 8 panels 250Wp x 12 panels 250Wp x 20 panels 250Wp x 28 panels 250Wp x 40 panels
Battery Banks 200 x 1no 200 x 2nos 200 x 4nos 200 x 6nos 200 x 10nos 200 x 14nos 200 x 20nos
Backup (in hrs) 2 3

Solar Module Mounting System

With minimal components, Module Mounting Systems(MMS) can be installed very efficiently. Optimized for the project environment as well as the tilt angle and module being used, the mounting structures, rails, and fasteners arrive ready for installation with no onsite drilling, cutting or welding.
Together with our manufacturing partners, Neulite offers the complete range of installations including rooftop installation, land-based installation and maintenance.

Features :
  • Fixed angle/Rigid Model
  • Tilting mechanism
  • Tracker mechanism

Cables and Cable Jointers

Neulite provides solar cables which are long lasting and weather resistant. They are suitable for off-grid or on-grid applications as per the Indian STC. The selection and sizing of solar cables for a solar power plant is decided by observing cable voltage rating and current carrying capacity of the cable. To minimize the losses while transmitting power from the inverters to the appliances, the cables are double insulated cross-linked with no halogens. The cables are easy to handle for fitting connectors with no shrinkage and no changes because of alternating weather conditions.

Features :
  • Resist extreme temperature from -40OC to 120OC
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High flexibility for easy installation
  • Resistant to impact, tear and abrasion
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Low Toxic or smoke emission during fire.

DC Fuses and Protectors

The DC fuses ensures protection of the string inverters and central inverters circuit. The circuit protection devices empower the systems’ sustainability and reliability to protect various aspects in PV power generation. The selection of the DC fuses and protectors ranges from domestic, commercial and utility scale installations. They are designed for reliable tripping at typical conditions and do not rash trip on minor over currents.
Features :

  • Multiple amperage ratings
  • Full Range Protection
  • Narrow width increases space savings
  • Suits with range of cable sizes
  • Compact design and flexibility

DC Distribution Panels

The photovoltaic DC Distribution Cabinet is an important component of any photovoltaic system and is mainly used to produce large amounts of direct current electricity. It is the secondary combiner of the PV system and its role is to take the direct current from the combiner boxes and output it to the PV inverter.
The PV DC Distribution Cabinet is very reliable, it can easily be adapted and it is well-built. Furthermore, the Cabinet features a high breaking capacity as well as stable kinetic performance, allowing it to function at its best. It can be connected to up to eight combiner boxes, providing a good amount of direct current. It can be used with any regular converter, as long the converters can support the current provided by the combiner boxes (or otherwise, the solar energy will not be used at its full potential). It is easy to understand the internal layout of the PC Distribution Cabinet, which makes it a lot easier to maintain and operate.

Remote Performance Monitoring Systems

These systems enable monitoring, visualization and evaluation of Solar Power Plants.
The web portal receives live plant data viz. yield, current and voltage from each inverter and can be accessed on PCs and mobile devices from any part of the world through the internet.