Surya Raitha Scheme

Grid connected Solar powered Irrigation pump sets under 10KW. PV power plant on NET metering basis.
Solar power is an optimum choice for water pumping as the need for drinking water is greater on sunnier days.Pumping water using PV technology involves almost no maintenance and is simple to use while still providing reliability.

Case Study 1

Solar Irrigation Power Plant(10HP/11KW) successfully installed for 16 acre agricultural land near KRS backwaters, Mysore.

Project Overview

  • Location of Installation: Mysore, near K.R.S.
  • Does Grid Power Exist: Presently not available
  • Description of application: Agricultural land of 16 acres
  • Water Output per Day in litres: 1,20,000
  • Type of water source: Open Well
neulite agriculture casestudy
Scope of Supply
Item Quantity
Solar PV Module 24W 44 nos
Module Mounting Structure 1 Set
Array Junction Box 1 no.
Solar Inverter with MPPT and VFD (3 Phase 415V) 1 no.
Open well submersibile water pump with VFD 1 no.
Cable and Accessories 1 Set
Requirement Specifications
Sl No Parameters Fig Ref Value UOM
1 Static Water Level A 2 MTR
2 Surface Static Head B 20 MTR
3 Horizontal Distance from Water Pump to Solar Array C 20 MTR
4 Draw Down Level D 2 MTR
5 Depth of the Water Well E 10 MTR
6 Horizontal Distance from Water Pump to Storage Tank F 400 MTR

Project Execution

Step 1

To erect solar panels, parameters like sun direction, uninterrupted area for sunlight, PV panels required and distance from open well are considered. Based on these parameters we choose the location for concrete pillars.

Step 2

Earth pit is dug and bed concrete is applied for maximum strength. Bar bending followed by column box is used to contain the concrete. A vibrator is used for consolidating concrete.

Step 3

Bottom plates are fixed exactly at the centre and cured it for sufficient time. The array frames are designed to hold the solar panel weight and to withstand a wind speed of 150 km/hr. These solid frames are built using galvanized steel.

Step 4

Solar Panels are fixed with precision on the array frames. Solar panel wiring is undertaken according to the inverter specification. Earthing pit and lightning arrestor are installed.

Step 5

Array Junction box contains safety devices such as DC disconnects, surge protection device and fuses. Jalverter(Inverter) is located under the existing array frame.

Step 6

The DC and AC cables are sourced from reputed manufacturers according to the standards. 10 HP VFD Submersible pump is immersed in the open well after cabling from the solar array area.

Project Result

After the installation of Solar PV Plant, the farmer was extremely happy with the result. The high pressure water is successfully pumped to a ground level tank of 12,000 liters capacity to an highest point of the 16 acres land located 400m horizontally and at a height of 50m above the pump. The water collected every half an hour, is being discharged more or less 16 times daily, drip irrigating the entire land. Now the farmer is harvesting various crops throughout the year. He recommends our solution to his other farmer friends, looking to achieve efficiency in agriculture.