Domestic Projects

For home owners planning to shift from conventional energy to solar power use, a rooftop solar power plant can not only be a money saver but also money spinner with excess power supplied to the utility grid.
Neulite's undertakes rooftop solar power plant projects with an emphasis on customized solutions and hassle free installation.

Domestic Installation - Rooftop Solar Power Plant

This is a Solar Power Plant installed over roofs of buildings, where we get optimum sunlight. Direction of PV Panel is generally kept towards south so as to get maximum radiation and harnessing most of sun energy during day time. Rooftop is the most successful model of solar plant installation as it has several benefits as:

  • Utilizing unused rooftop space whether horizontal or slant.
  • Receiving better radiation as we go up.
  • Saving lot of ground space.
  • Keeping floor under it cool during the summers.
  • No clearance is required for installation of plant.
  • Ease of installation
Rooftop Solar Power Plants can be installed on –
  • Residential Buildings,
  • Residential Societies,
  • Banks,
  • Petrol Pumps,
  • Signal Towers,
  • Schools/ Colleges,
  • Rural Areas,
  • Malls.

Benefits of Solar Power Plants

  • Meet your power needs, as you will be generating your own electricity!
  • Become free from power cuts. This is the best power backup solution.
  • Reduce electricity bill drastically. Sun is a renewable energy source and forever free!
  • Avail financial benefits by
    • Supplying energy to grid through Net Metering. (apprx ₹ 9.56/Unit)
    • Leasing out your roof for setting up plant and avail rental income
    • Signing up a PPA with companies to supply power to them at fixed rate and earn revenue
  • It's a greener, cleaner and the most econimical power solution.